FULL STREAM AHEAD…We are a GO..:WJBW Blogging Follies

I guess I should have stayed up later on Sunday and settled in and watched the goopy globes like the rest of the sheeple… but I was for  ,wine, and the embrace of loyal women…ooops …I meant woman..as in singular..OK, anyway I woke this morning to hear the news of David Bowie’s passing #RememberTheAlamo  and it jacked me up all day ..

Death became real and I thought of all the people we had lost.I had lost personally…it really fucking sunk in.. Ziggy Stardust …GONE..for good.. all my Loved ones..Gone..So in saying all that I realize this is the moment YOU …Me …WE..need to seize.. So.. Ya Big Dummy call IN share your stories…407-379-9529 …WJBW or We are an unfiltered bastion of independence…Original content.. Magicians,Mavens and Machiavellian Content Creators.. and over Embellishers..as Well..


Anyway we dedicate out first hour to YOU and David Bowie..But mainly you as we are unable to achieve. interdimensional communications..we are working on that so Call us you knuckle heads and talk your face off..407-379-9529..


We are happy to have a scheduled chat with Jeff front many of #GiddyupGo  an authentic #honkytonk style band..they will be playing out at Will’s pUb 1/17/16 for The Big shin dig to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Southern Fried Sunday A huge show for only $10 buckaroos.. Oh Ya..oops.. OH Yes… I mean..Oh now I am being told we may also have a surprise call from Unknown Hinson as well.. who is also playing Southern Fried Sunday


And of Course.. We will have the #Jillicious and #theReverend riding double shotgun..

Yes and NOW they BOTH make me say THE before their name now.. Thanks Mark Sunderland ..

anyway join us as we venerate and vent and potentially eviscerate some content..whatever that means..I think it is the opposite of what I meant..OH ya..click here for show link to livestream  and call us you Slags.. 407-379-9529… see ya on the flip flop..JB



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