The Math Of Kahn : 2(Snap!) + 2(Kahn) = ;) Orlando : WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey all you..Whole Numbers ..Natural Number and Prime Numbers  out there.. We have a delightful symphony of synchronicities to offer on the next edition of WJBW

Art Pictured below via Mark Gmehling



Every Tuesday night 7pm is via.. WJBW We go LIVE with an independent digital buffet of original content. as it were..and This week is surely no exception…we are happy to support the growth of orlando art appreciators and the growing market of appreciate,,people in general.. wait i’m veering off the road..Hold On..No I can make it..and you can too via



OK…So We will @ 7pm EST begin with Open Phones 407-379-9529 and catch up with #theReverend and #Jillicious and any open topics…out of the way ..because at 8pm ish we have a call with both Patrick and Holly Kahn of beloved Snap! Orlando..  via a new made up title i just created the title of Orlando Art Trail Blazers Power Couple  who preside over the glorious land I also just created called #KahnSnapTinople  ok…so…uhm,,.We may wax a little nostalgic ..but will mainly focus on the opening of Snap! Downtown so listen up and or call in and or join us for each WJBW episode is carefully crafted to venerate and elucidate those in Orlando that keep pushing change and positive growth…#Vivalaindie…JB @radiojbwebb


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