“Bienvenido a Miami” WJBW Blogging Follies

Yes YES and you don’t stop…Well, technically you do stop for no one can truly..rock non stop..OH wait maybe someone can ? #OHYES Welcome Back we are Pushing out a healthy dose of original content each week via WJBW

This week is no exception, we are pleased to be able to offer an interview session with House music legend  George Acosta 

Graphics via http://georgeacosta.com/

We are honored to get to discover more about This Number One DJ’s origins and future..so join us We kick off Tuesday night.. LIVE @7  with @revjerr #theReverend in studio this is sure to offer some insightful stories @7:30  our guest George Acosta joins us and we of course will be dubbing him a local legend #localLegend first then dive into some origins… We will also chat about George’s show Lost World Radio


PLus Orlando..you get a shot to see George Acosta at Peek 1/29/16 so #DoIt

Of Course Your calls 407-379-9529 and #breakingnewsbadly will round out our show this week..We cross post everywhere so if you can’t catch it LIVE catch it almost anywhere

Spreaker, Mixcloud,Youtube,Stitcher or Itunes ..Stay up to date and Binge Tons of content,, Here.. or Here or Here or Here or Here

Ok.. So We hit the BIG EP 150 .. this run.. so maybe #bathroomguy will call in..who knows..some surprise last minute confirmations..and what not.. Join our Independent production to venerate talented people..hear some great stories and have a few laughs..Viola..JB


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