“ODDO-Matic” Upgrade Edition!: WJBW Blogging Follies

I think it was Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith of The 1980’s Television program The A-Team that used to often Say.. I love it when a plan comes together..Then slobbers on his fat cigar and laughs manically..Hahahhahahha. That guy had huge teeth..didn’t he.. George Peppard or something ..like that? All you  Generation X people know what I mean..right??  Oh wait I am way off track..here..After more than a year or two of communications back and forth, we were able to confirm and begin to chisel it into stone that ODDO of Real Radio Fame is able to come into our humble studio for a Local legend session…Then most importantly also agreed to stay for calls and #breaknewsbadly .. So please pardon me if I am totally geeky fanboy goo goo ga ga..for our IN studio Guest this coming Episode 151 of WJBW.


We will dive into Oddo’s origin’s and hopefully hear some great stories from his 20 years of Broadcasting…plus then we will learn more about his current endeavours including producing content via his production company Danger Unlimited . Such as This production “Truer Grit” from The recent Enzian Film Slam


This news came into my inbox Friday evening, ironically just before that I had a good heart to heart talk with #jillicious about coming back to the show. ( SIDE-Show Note) The Return Of #Jillicious this week will not interfere with the episode what so ever..No Drama..I was totally reassured by Jillicious and #TheReverend .. So This coming Tuesday night tell all your cool Generation X pals and any other friends that would enjoy catching up with one of Orlando’s great Talents..That “The Independent Content Overlord” aka  WJBW will be Broadcasting LIVE with Oddo In studio 2/2/16 7pm ish.. we go LIVE via..THIS LINK

Call us! for your calls and questions..No dirtbags please..Like Mr T. would always say.. I pity the fool that don’t tune into WJBW..or something like that..ok.,..well. Cheers and see ya on the next WJBW…#vivalaindie..JB



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