Mark Maker’s Edition: WJBW Blogging Follies

#OHYES Back in full effect.. We are stoked for this week’s set of shows.. Last week was ODDO in studio of Danger Unlimited then a few days ago We did a surprise Thursday night show The Return of #Jillicious HERE.. about the Event #lovesickbeats Valentines special at CLUB TWIST 2/13/16 ( Fill out contact form for requesting special invites…)

love sick beats

Coming up later today we offer a LIVE from Tony Roman’s edition of the The Circadian Cast LIVE from a VIP party with bands and football LIVE from here around 4pm today..2/7/16 We will be playing original music and talking with some local band peeps at the event..


Then This coming Tuesday night 2/9/16 7:15 pm EST We will conduct a #locallegendreconnect with Probably the Next Mayor of Orlando..Billy Manes or PITBILLY as some may call him.( Or just me cause i just made that up..) He flipped from the Orlando Weekly to WaterMark and we will discuss that and much more in what I am calling our unofficial PULP FACT conversation.

bmanes pitbilly

Then We will reconnect with an uber Talented and highly effective Steward of the ARTS in Orlando and abroad.. it’s Josh Garrick from season 2 of our show.. we may surprise him with an honor or somethin Tuesday night 7:45 pm EST



Then if that is not enough..we plan a call 8:15 pm est with the witty and talented Scot Marc to discuss some of the DJ’s performing at The #LoveSickBeats night at @CLUBTWIST



and of course our sponsor & Partner  EARTHEATER details of upcoming episodes so Follow this link for best RSS FEED  Join us LIVE 407-379-9529 is the studio line if you want to call or leave a message.. for any of our guests

earth eater pic

I think we will have #theReverend and #jillicious in No fighting kids..lets all get along

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