#LaughoutLounge Edition !! :WJBW Blogging Follies

Well howdy doody Jim Dandy, How is your peachy keen ice cream ? Wow amazing how our English language has changed so drastically just in the past 100 years especially.

Notably The whole concept of Lounge music has morphed over the years to now represent almost anything with that distinguishable sound or feeling as though you should be sipping a martini or tiki drink..but I digress ..and put my clothes back on..



Every Tuesday night    7 to 9 EST we set up a virtual digital lounge loaded with original and independent talent, this week is no exception.

First #theReverend returns in studio and we will catch up with him.


Then we expect a call from  the lead of a group I really freaking DIG ..Simon of The Woolly Bushmen.. calls us to give some insight into their brand of music..and of course we will play a few tracks from their recent release..


After that we expect a call from #jillicious (out of studio this week) she is going to share some insight into a comedy night she was able to set up.Details in image below..

jillicious event


And then of course your calls 407-379-9529 and #breakingnewsbadly..and “U GOT VM’s Bitch” we will hear some voicemails..


From the virtual desk of your friendly neighborhood content creators..see ya tuesday 7pm EST Via WJBW … Viva La Indie…JB

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