True Orlando Flavor Edition: WJBW Blogging Follies

Open up your ear’s mouth..because boy oh we have a two for one special to tantalize those buds..both ear and tongue.and also Eye buds too.OH ya..Don’t forget those… Wow..ok, I thought that would read much more oddly when I was thinking it but it seems ok, so I will just leave that there.. Every week Tuesday night 7pm EST..We bring you talented people to discover via WJBW so Welcome back to another original content cocktail..A wise person once told me that “Sometimes it is as easy as simply asking and sometimes it is as difficult as continuing to Ask.!”

.That Wise person will be our instudio guest after much patience and waiting and asking in essence..his own words were turned against him and rendered Truth..for a Return of the ART Jedi..and therefore  with wisdom aplenty..I am happy to announce this week we invite The one of kind Famed Artist that calls Orlando home Mr. Andrew Spear.


To give you just a sliver of how much this guy works to create Great Art..  below is an image of the image search results when I google just his name alone.. We are stoked to have Andrew in studio so dig his work prior to the show so you know how huge this is..via  #SpearLife



We get the chance to formally grace Andrew with #LocalLegend status..we hope to hear some stories of his previous adventures and adventures to come all courtesy of his original art’s look and feel and style.. we love this  guy and are delighted to have him in studio as guest and friend of the show.. Of course we invited his one of kind personality to hang out for the rest of the show..for news and your calls voicemails and such..1-407-379-9529


Not to be overshadowed..but as I mentioned two for one.. we are happy and proud to have another Orlando artist on deck for an eight pm call.. It is the flavor artist Wendy Davis of Poca’s Hottest..



We will discuss all of her new flavors of hot sauces and also some of her own efforts to document her process of creating some incredible Hot sauces..she has been getting some serious notoriety since we last spoke near the end of season four and are excited to see what she has is a video to loop you into her process and daily devotion to bringing flavor to your life.. Also follow this Link to buy online or discover a store near you. Plus here is a link to an upcoming event you wont want to miss The 5th annual Cookoff and Food Drive  Now watch this video..


So hunker down with us this and every Tuesday night for an informative and interactive show born of independent and original usual… OK PAPA…?

Join Me and  #TheReverend   LIVE streaming each week follow us HERE and or listen from your favorite downloadable or replay options, itunes , mixcloud  , stitcher , youtube  ….Viola…JB











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