March 8th LIVE From Maxine’s On Shine: WJBW Blogging Follies

Good things come to those who wait..or ALSO to those who set goals..and work their Asses off to make things happen..But also waiting is very important..OK so If you could not deduce from the blog title..we are doing our Weekly Tuesday night show LIVE from MAXINE’S ON SHINE one of Orlando’s most unique, prolific and delicious restaurant experiences around the inner metro area. Images via Maxine’s on FB so follow them..



Eating a meal at Maxine’s  actually helps People understand Orlando’s Music, Art and Fashion Culture and Family! So we Invite One and All JOIN US..within the sound of downtown orlando…Tuesday night 7 to 9 pm EST as we broadcast LIVE from within this fine establishment..for an episode we will title #MaxinesAfterDark



So we are proud and honored to be able to grab that special backroom and set up a fine installment of our show..My Inner voice is screaming.. STAY CLASSY…and waving JAZZ Hands.. OK ..Of course…must behave myself in public..So throughout the evening we will be able to speak with both of the Hardworking Vanguards of this independent Haven..Kirk and Maxine. Maybe talk a bit about the building history and watching and nurturing their fine establishment to great heights.. We will have some delicious drinks and samples throughout the show. So unless you come this tuesday night you will have to rely on our descriptions On Air…. But WAIT There,,,is MORE…a special guest Beebs of Beebs and Her Money Makers will join us ..Hint..scroll down..


We are honored to have an In Studio Guest..out of Studio on a LIVE remote.. I know it just keeps getting better right??,, We have BEEBS who will join us for a chat  about her new music, amongst other things as well, as we invited her to sing a song or just hang and become a cast member pressure but spontaneity reigns….so we will see what happens..for now peep this video as the whole solo effort to be released May 2016. Here is ..#RideAroundTheSun please enjoy..Hint..Click Play ..


Of course in True WJBW style..we will have #theReverend riding Shotgun..




PLUS……#Jillicious friend and sponsor via Twist hair Studio and another special guest that was supposed to be in studio but since we are not there #LaserLori plans to be in attendance With #StorieswithLaserLori helping us steer away from DRAMA..or is is right into it? I keep forgetting…anyway..there you have IT.. A HUGE show LIVE from Maxine’s


, one YOU can actually attend in person eat delicious food and enjoy an adult beverage perhaps..OR just YOU alone at home..all by yourself, …probably not getting enough sleep.. and eating all the wrong foods, maybe your rhythms are off  and you just need a good night out with your friends…to re-calibrate.. wow just channeled my grandmother i think..ok MUST finish blog post…


SO..It’s a choose your own adventure and see ya this Tuesday night at Maxine’s On Shine For our special Maxine’s After Dark Edition!  #VIVALAINDIE   JB




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