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March 17th 2015 we resurrected the Jb WeBB Show and transformed into an all audio LIVE weekly show.. Tons of talented people have been in studio and on the telephone over the last year..plus the LIVE remotes..PLus the addition of #TheReverend and #Jillicious we have changed a whole heck of a lot in 365 days.. well technically 363 days..oops OFF topic once again..UH hem..


It brings me great JOY to announce our show tomorrow will be LIVE from Twist Hair Studio..We are stoked to be back at one the coolest Hair Studio’s in town doing a LIVE show to celebrate ONE Strong Year of Broadcasting LIVE each and every week..leaving all the mistakes IN so you know it’s real…#OkPapa

inside twist



I personally am super excited to be able to speak with a very special #LocalLegend Interview with the Folk Goddess Orlando’s Own Terri Binion…I was Bartending at the Sapphire Supper club the first time I ever hear Terri’s voice and was highly impressed at her authenticity..and an almost visible spirit emanating from the clear piercing sound.of her music.and voice….OH wait there I go again …….UH Hem..


The Wonderfully Beautiful SOUL.. Terri Binion will be calling into our show at 8 pm to discuss her release of  The Day After The Night Before at Will Pub 3/18/16 click this for more info


Or you can just be smart and go ahead and snag some tickets HERE beforehand all proper and prepared like see..because this will be a show not to be missed..We are privileged to be able to play a song or two off this release after our Chat with Terri.. But wait there is MORE



The Reverend will be talking a bit more ABOUT #unDERtHEinFLUENCE AT LiL iNDIES..oops Cap lock I will just leave that in..remember..so you know it’s real..


#jillicious will have topics a plenty ..so It sounds like I can just sit back and enjoy.. the ride..oh that’s right that NEVER happens..Of course we expect any calls 407-379-9529 or messages and will #breaknewsbadly within the Broadcast Lounge of Twist Hair Studio.. Open door policy if you would like to celebrate you with us in person..DO IT COme ON !!.. Oh that’s right Listen in we go LIVE at 7 …wait you should already know this it has been 52 weeks..so saddle up for a fresh edition of the indie cocktail of digital content that is WJBW… #VivaLaIndie..JB





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