#LocalLegendReconnect Three Way Special: WJBW Blogging Follies

Wow the stars must be aligned for Tuesday night’s show.. I am stoked for this episode first off… #the Reverend and I will be taking your calls 407-379-9529 and playing some great music from local Orlando Rockers.as we do every Tuesday night .PLus..


7pm ish.. We have expect to have the one and only Jim Jackson In studio for a Local Legend reconnect then hanging for the balance of the show..We will do a #LocalLegendReconnect session and find out what ART badassery he has been up to lately..

jim jack 1



Because we have Orlando’s other beloved native son..Scramble Campbell calling in from Colorado at the 8 o’clock hour..


for another #LocalLegendReconnect..Both of these guys on the same episode can only mean one thing…

Do your homework to catch up on Scramble’s adventures out west..


Buckle your mental safety belts for a bad ass scrambled art fueled Episode..One more surprise..

ddood photo perego

Of course Adopted Orlando Artist Famed East coast ART STAR.. Perego will be calling in to chat about #WearableArtV and everything #ArtArmy so it looks like we will all be getting pain all over ourselves… Please enjoy..

DMOA Wearableart5

3 Orlando ART  OG’s of OC that’s Orange County..and if I have to explain OG just stop reading this right now..


A whole lotta great art talk going on plus music from orlando rock and blues musicians..what could possibly go wrong??/

tune in and find out… 7pm-ish each Tuesday night  So Dig It and Do It…..JB



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