You don’t have to Hate Mondays Anymore: WJBW Bloggies Follies


Typically most people agree that Monday’s SUCK,,, Well MONDAY’s YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUCK any More WJBW is here…We have exciting changes coming and this is the first.. We are working to Change the name of the show to include the faithful and most handy dandy partner we have had around these parts.. THE REV,,, #TheReverened has raised his commitment level so we are honored to have him as a major part of our humble show, so much so we said..let’s slap his name on the sucker.. SO now every MONDAY at 7pm ish


Side NOTE Shokey the intern is pissed off about this change but OH WELL..

Shokey Cartoon


So back to the show.. we expect to have good buddy and talented hip hop artist plus oh ya NEW father in Studio.. Colby Stiltz


Then another long time friend and talented DJ to boot #DIZZLEPHUNK


will telephone about 8pm is.. to discuss Smashington 2015 get your tickets now these events always are busy and crowded but fun as hell.. get tickets here 


So DIG IT DO will takes us more weeks to get our rebrand all set as always


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