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Hey Hey..Welcome back to another fine episode of The JB WeBB Show aka WJBW .. or whatever the Hell you want to call it..We have been working for several years now focusing on shining a light on hard working artists, musicians and activists ..and nothing ‘s gonna change that..homie..! #OHYES.. OH..don’t forget to snag your tickets for next week’s.. WEARABLEARTV  event 4/16/16  all details HERE picture posted above..I will be the Master of Ceremonies for this event joined by long time friend and incredible artist Perego.. serving as a DJ of lights..if you will.. ok so see you next week for a one of kind ART show in Deland..

The Poor Man’s Vince Vaughn to telling you about how we (WJBW) serve our community…each week with A show where we venerate talented people spending countless hours & endless amounts of money to ensure those with talent have a voice and can get some well earned attention for their efforts. Join and Follow our Weekly LIVE broadcasts HERE all episodes on demand or downloadable as well. We go LIVE 7pm est each Monday night so this week

The Reverend in Bubbles

#TheReverend and I will be digging into some topics and taking calls 407-379-96529 for the first hour.. For the first time we are going to give you some stories and topics for #breakingNewsBadly so you can call in and give us your expert opinion on any of the following…let’s see how this works.. OK PAPA.. here are some links.


Now on the Talented people part of our show..


This week we totally have you covered…8pm ish We will be able to have a chat with a remarkable duo..HYMN FOR HER. They are currently doing a campaign on Kickstarter   and make great folkadelic style music..they are travelling across Florida in the coming weeks..and we LOVE their music so we are stoked to be able to chat with Wayne and Lucy and get some insight into their travels and endeavours which see to help redefine the role of the modern day troubadour. We hope to discuss their travels across the country and out of the country later this year so find all tour dates here HYMN FOR HER TOUR DATES 


We will give them a jingle at the 8pm est hour so tune in via SPREAKER we go LIVe at 7pm

See ya on the internet…JB

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