Original Content Pusherman: WJBW Blogging Follies

Hustle… because it all depends on how much you can achieve in this LIFE..or How much you can collaborate with other to achieve great things.. YOU Gotta Hustle..Baby..!! Join us Every Monday night 7pm ESt Via.. The JB WeBB Show



We are stoked about how much WJBW has grown in the past year alone..more dedicated cast members and featured players..alliances of great magnitude.. all without any plastic media help.. Let’s Rock ! Viva La Mother FN Indie.. to the bone.. I can’t believe I said things like to the Bone ever but yes then and now..total nerd to The Bone..


Anyway we have the pleasure of having a special visit from Friend and Sponsor and Featured Player #Jillicious back in Studio. So we will catch up on all her Twisted Adventures …

love sick beats

#TheReverend will be back in the saddle this week too..with some insight into the Music of Further Future..we will peep some tracks.. and do some music appreciation powder all up in your browser.. or a maybe a different reference but you seem to understand all the same..



The 8pm Hour kicks off with a chat with Billy Myers of The Glorious Rebellion .. The Band just returned from a spring tour and we hope to get some stories..and insight in to the new sounds on the Album Euphoria ..(not pictured Below, go buy it homie..)



plus discuss the upcoming event 4-30-16 at Will’s Pub..


That’s Right cause If I were President I would put a Will’s Pub in Every Major City.. See..!! YA..That’s right then I would go to the south of France and start a Cult..then I would create a cure for all diseases if I were President.. Oh .the things I would do..set all elephants free..veto anything not related to America best interest now and in the future…..am I going to far??

Oh am I …OH.. #OHYES . Do you want me to do the JB WeBB Show..I spit On you.. #OKPAPA  if that’s what you’re into..Whatever it takes we are committed..to YOU !!


Ok then of course we break News Badly to funky music.. and of course your calls and shenanigans.. 407-3879-9529..

Oh and Friend of the Show Jessica Pawli may be calling in every other week to give us an update on everything Fringe.. so get your Fring On with us as we get the straight dope from Ms. Pawli..(offer not Valid in all 50 states) So join us LIve streaming every Monday night 7pm est via… WJBW   Bleep blop bloop… I’M Gone…JB


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