I Stream U Stream We all Stream..OH not All of us that’s right I forgot.. : WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey hey, we have another fine edition of WJBW on tap for our Monday night Show.. But first follow this link for anytime you are in doubt as to what LIVE show we are doing anytime we are doing a LIVE show it will always have the LIVE show you seek.. Also you can snag all past episode via that same.. LINK..OK….NOW//


Sitting in for #TheReverend is bad ass Actor Director creator and make things happen-Ner. There I go with the making up word again..anyway ..It’s….Christian Kelty !!

Agent Snap Photo Credit


of JOE’s NYC Bar get all details about this Recreation of a Bar in Manhattan you can actually visit during #Fringe2016 right here in Orlando..




All show time details Via this LINK.. and Tickets $11 + Fringe Button @ www.orlandofringe.org

Performances are all at St. Matthew’s Tavern, a BYOV* for the 25th Orlando Fringe Festival


Then at 8 0clock we will be join via the telephone technology of the future…no wait the technology of right now..will have to do, because we are still working on Future Tech..or only the super rich people are allow to have it or something like that.. #OKPapa ..Anyway..

Josh Childers

The point is is 8pm on our studio Line it is Josh We Know  Josh will give us some insight into musical origins plus other passions he also works to cultivate..and Grow. Of course we will play a few tracks of #JOSHWEKNOW after the interview….and then #BreakNewsBadly .. 407-379-9529 is the number for your calls..


So get over here tell your neighbor and your friends and your enemies and friends enemies and also your PETS.. because they really can hear you….or whatever..OK once again way off point..Join us at 7pm est VIA WJBW for a laughing and streaming good time..cheers JB




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