Back To the Further Future… Tomorrow: WJBW Blogging Follies

Holy Heck Fire..Homies How the Hell are Ya..? We have another fine installment this week..


With the return of #theReverend from Further Future and some cool down time also we most excitedly welcome back #theReverend and will tap into some stories from his adventures at #FurtherFuture ..also we have an appropriate show to share insight into how Orlando deserves recognition for it’s music culture inclusive of DJ’s ahem.. YUP that’s right.. those bad ass people that push grow and pull the the scene kicking and screaming :into the future……further..ok so this week we venerate.. 7:15 pm est..

philsan tos

Phil Santos founder of Bodytalk a party with a purpose… Perfectly melding with the #furtherfuture festival concepts into events in Orlando moving your silent disco house party all night long ass ..ahead with a purpose..WJBW can totally can get behind that!!

We will learn more about his background and the incredible concept. Also Phil and the Party will be at Orlando Fringe  outside stage festivities near the end of the month in case you want to fully immerse yourself into one of these experiences in the near future.. Oh OK.. i see what i did there..


Anyway then right afterwards we will get to chat with once Orlando various club residencies still resident DJ bad ass at himself….  DJ Sean Cusick 7:30 pm est..



out in California..Now.. But Orlando always Remembers so.. We will get to chat deeper with Sean into the overarching scope of his work and how the event reunited The Reverend with Sean and others amongst the desert sand and sky.


Of course we will be opening up the phone lines that you never call into.. besides #BathroomGuy Barry Blaze (nOt Pictured Below) thanks Barry we love you don’t let nobody tell you how to go to the bathroom stand up sit down style….if you want to….



With his unique style of relieving himself this inventor of ..Stand up Sit down pee  is just such a forward thinker..he can use any bathroom he wants…..



Ok then #breakingNewsBadly and probably #theReverend will tell me I am doing something wrong…so join us each week Monday nights LIVE Streaming VIA.. follow us there or anywhere we are On Google Play, itunes, stitcher, mixcloud, youtube and Spreaker of course.. so toddle off to your outlet of choice and know we are there.. or whatever


Happy Mother’s Day too

(No one proofread this blog either…ooooooo. run and tell your Mama..)

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