Super Secret Show Special: WJBW Blogging Follies

Hola Freakos…I can talk much about the show we are doing tomorrow because it is a secret…so don’t tell anybody ok..thanks I know I can trust YOU!!. Live streaming every Monday night 7pm East.. HERE


The Reverend joins me back in the saddle.. Your calls and #goplugyourself calls welcomed or Telephone Game calls..what is the #telephoneGame ask..well YOU call us 407-379-9529 from anywhere ANY PUBLIC PLACE and we ask you to pass your phone to total strangers..and we talk with them live on air. we may play #NameThatTool for some serious prizes…..Remember tell No one..ok got it ?

Ok, Papa so this week we have a funny guy that also works with the a pair of Paul Bunyan’s of Podcasts here in orlando..Or is one of them the BLUE OX?? …anyway..wait for it.. it is Funny man and producer Ross Mccoy..(pictured below with no beard)


of A mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.. and also A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan and I think also an #OrlandoCity soccercast.. is that three..? I know someone is counting..OK


So 7:30 pm est We will get to chat with Ross McCoy (pictured above with beard) about his comedy night at the Orlando Fringe outside stage.. May 24th the Ross McCoy Tumbleweed Comedy Tour.. well damn.. I am glad he at least got his name on that one.. plus he has a blank check mayhem. so virtually anything could happen.. we will get the skinny on who is a part of this comedy showcase coming soon..

8pm We transition to #BreakingNewsBadly next this week, because afterwards we have a tentative secret interview with an Honorary local legend and here comes the secret part..It is…Oh you almost forgot how secrets work right???..I know it’s hard isnt it.?


Again your trust and secrecy in this scenario is of utmost importance…so thank you for your discretion… #TossMyTacoSalad….JB

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