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Dig it slags… welcome back.. we have a New Network Logo..(image above) and a Divine show planned for you this coming and every Monday night..7pm east.. Tune in LIVE Via.. This LINK (but this  5/23/26 in particular)


This week we have a legendary Orlando Rocker..we will get to dub this individual with our humble title of #localLegend on this edition and it is all huge thanks to our friends at Modern Music Movement.(image Below)

MMM logo

So first 7:30 pm est..we will chat with Nicholas Selitto of MDRN MUSIC MVMNT and learn more about how this production company continues to bring a broad range of Rich entertainment to Orlando.. from readings to solo musician showcases.. Nashville South..and of course..also incredible amazing anniversary bashes ..For it comes….

Gen pic

8pm est.. we will chat with the voice of the Legendary Orlando Rocker’s.. Genitorturers. Gen will grace our show with some insight into her own musical background..we will chat about the badass fact that this June you can attend the 30th Anniversary of Genitorturers  as the band was”born”in Orlando.. or if you are so inclined just go snag tickets HERE ..  I hope i can hold it together and don’t go all gushy fanboy.. this will be a good ol wholesome time…as we expect to rock out with our argyle socks out.. or something like that..Join us..

genitortures 2016

We hope to close out with a track or two from the group..and then of course We will do our usual #breakingNewsBadly 8:30 and take any calls 407-379-9529

Damn we are excited for this show and this special chance to chat with the enchanting Gen of Genitorturers.. again huge thanks to our pals at Modern Music Movement… The Reverend and I are  ready to F-ING ROCK..


Some exciting changes our WJBW mothership so thanks for your help in sharing and listening as we forge ever forward and work to shine alight on the talented and persistent.. so dig it do it.. OK Papa…JB




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