Three DJ’s and One MC: WJBW Blogging Follies

4 and 3 and 2 and 1..And when I am on the Mic the suckas Run..huh. I have no idea why I am using coded or reversed Beastie Boy references for an event that is actually a tribute to Prince..?? Anyone ? Oh yea that’s right cause this week we got Three the Hard way.. Oh snap there I go again..OK this week 3 in studio guests along with Myself and #TheReverend brings us to maximum capacity.. which we hope is a foreshadowing of this event Erotic City Comes Alive


In studio this Tuesday night 3/3/1/16 we have the 3 Maestro’s of Orlando OG DJ’s.


#TheReverend and I are happy to chat about this event and encourage Orlando to go do It do it now.. or wait until June 4th.. actually but Do It..then..

This event is a tribute to Prince 5 hours of Prince’s and Prince related hits..with B-sides, remixes.. music videos and music video remixes plus come dressed in Purple or in Prince esque Attire. We are happy to invite all 3 of the minds behind the Best Prince Tribute going around these parts..

It is the previously dubbed Local Legend Andrew Spear of #SpearLife and ongoing DJ and Artist fame..


And you can snag tickets in advance or t-shirts in advance because we are pretty dang sure that is wise advice. Cause check out a snapshot of some of the T-shirts for this event.




Nigel John  20 years as a successful DJ and also music producer, he brings flavor wherever he goes he is straight up a bouillon cube of funk..Nigel aka DJ Nigel John will join us in studio for some undoubted deep dives into music and orlando culture


And we will have a formal #locallegend interview with the Bad Ass Mother F’R himself


One of the founders of the weekly fusion parties from the 90’s and 00’s Phat N Jazzy . Plus plenty of good time suppliers sessions at local joints all across orlando , we are honored to honor this honorable cat with our highest honor.. #LocalLegend to DJ BMF


So join us LIVE with Myself and #the Reverend to our renamed venture..


The Reverend

#TheJBRevShow Monday night’s*at 7pm east.

*Not this monday night it will be tuesday night but normally monday nights unless we need to switch it like we did this week..ok.


Pay attention our intention is to bust a move…OK there I go again.. join us every week VIA

OK catch Ya on the flip of the flop.. ” I want to offer my love and respect to the end.”


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