Let me rock you, that’s all I wanna do: WJBW Blogging Follies

Yes Yes..let’s ROCK.. Back again with another fine installment of the original show dedicated to learning about talented people in and around Orlando and abroad…


This week is No exception.. every Monday Night   7pm east..we blaze a LIVE internet broadcast. via.. LIVE STREAM. So Follow us there..


This week we welcome back our featured player #Jillicious of Twist Hair Studio. So hang on nice and tight..OK Papa..The Reverend & Myself of course and your calls 407-379-9529

Plus at 7:30 we expect a call from west coast rapper now calling O’TOWN homes.. BLay. We will peel back into his musical origins and get some insight into the road ahead..PLus we will roll a couple tracks.. from BLay

Then at 810 pm we chat with Alexandra Love Sarton of a relatively newly formed group named Chakra Kahn.. You may know Her and Davinci from the legendary Orlando Hip Hop group Solillaquists of Sound



We will discuss the event Lady Elevate    on June 11th 2016  and their music and sounds plus the important messaging behind the music you can feel and taste the LOVE..so  snag tickets here and dig this video for a peep prior to the chat :


Then of course your calls or chats emails what ever….and #BreakingNewsBadly ..

Ok, so we kick this off at 7pm est every MOnday night..  Let’s Rock..


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