Bread and Circuses: WJBW Blogging Follies

Come one and all and Feast Fill your bellies and drink your fill. Gorge on sumptuous presentations for both eye and ear. Petrum quod Domus !! Let’s Rock another fine installment of The JB Rev Show we offer a buffet of badassery  HIC DOMUS TUR BAMUS!! OMG now I am using Latin but it is all Greek to me..Anyway. As well as writing this blog and the countless other things i need to do to make the wheels go round and round..


Every Monday night starting at 7pm  We dedicate time energy to make sure people that are talented have some well deserved attention and praise for their continued efforts to create, entertain or support and grow their community…This week of course no exception!



7:30 ish we are Proud to have a #LocalLegendReconnect Call with The Sexy Savannah also know as Savannah Boan.


She is back in the FLA doing some new things and we will be able to catch up and find out what is cracking.We first spoke with Savannah in 2011 so 5 years later it will be interesting to see all of her big developments…..OK..YOU know what I mean !


Then at 8pm eat. we have a phone call with the front man of the original AMERICAN ROCKERS Drivin N Cryin..



With a few decades of being awesome under their belts..Kevn Kinney will grace our show for a chat about everything Drivin N Cryin plus some insight into the energy and longevity it takes to ROCK for 30 years.. Plus the band is  on tour this year…


Drivin N Cryin has an extensive catalog and it looks like it will keep growing at this rate.. Dig it via this link  Plus they are also putting out New Vinyl so you know we LOVE that.


Also Kevn has some solo work we should get to hear well… also as well.We may have an honorary Local legend award laying around to Bestow upon this incredible band of musicians…Because Georgia is still local right???


Plus we expect to hear some stories from the road. also as well…Here is some footage from The Year Joseph Martens did Southern Fried Sunday’s annual charity event.. via HeartStrings music. I have cued it up , so dig some dusky relics.


Join us Every Monday night 7pm eastern for an indie cocktail of original content…We open up phones 407-379-WJBW(9259) and do some #breakingnewsbadly


All past shows available HERE for download or ON Demand..

WJBW Ocho Logo

So join us for the Only SHOW that is encouraging YOU NOT to VOTE for US  and give up your personal data and preferences for products to an unquenchable Advertising Beast..


But that’s just my opinion…#okpapa …let’s rock….  also as well..#ListenBaby #OHYES !!!  Cheers JB



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