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Orlando! The city Beautiful! I believe this city slogan has just been proven to be unequivocally true!  Orlando is beautiful Inside and Out. Tragedy strikes and our beloved community is forced into the world spotlight and what happens? The world sees Orlando, the real Orlando.. Nothing at all to do with fun parks or a vacation. The world saw the everyday Orlando and the exposure has rendered a look into A strong music and arts community! A strong community with a innate sense of acceptance of All! No mention of this being exclusive to LGBT community because if you did not comprehend what you just read.
Orlando is showcasing that it is the Gold Standard for a Loving community,dare I say a brilliant example of a civilized Loving community of creative and expressive people.

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Oh ya I am supposed to be writing about this week’s Show. I am happy to report we will have an in studio guest that is not only a talented musician and singer but also an activist in the Orlando community….


We have Brian Killeen in studio for the duration of the episode. Hear Some Sounds Here
We will crack into his musical origins and learn about his current gig schedule for Plane Versus Cult and some special events dedicated to specials causes.
Then at 8 pm We are totally stoked to finally schedule and confirm a Local Legend session with Orlando’s beloved Personality, Actor, Writer,Director and all around hilarious good vibe zone  Wanzie!!


Michael Wanzie of many famed Orlando productions and ongoing activists of equality for All. We expect to get some insight into his origins and since we are totally uncensored and unscripted we expect this will be a call you won’t want to miss.

The badass Reverend and myself will be rocking in studio with Brian Killeen and a call from Wanzie,  also Lacing your calls in 407-379-9529 plus #BreakingNewsBadly this Monday night we expect a little jagged brevity may be just what the Doctor ordered !(Given No Last minute emergencies like One of our guests last week).

I feel the words of the visionary sentient Dee Snider best represent our intent.
When asked WHAT do YOU want to do with your life? Freshly after bearing a blathering scathing shower of Disgust and Hate…..Our only Reply is a heart felt belt from the fires in our bellies and I quote


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So therefore Hence…WJBW Networks is dedicated to providing Two LIVE shows weekly

One All Talk and a little original Music.. Every Monday Night 7pm East


The Other  all Original Music and some commentary Every Thursday Night 8 pm East


Ok Papa…!

Let’s Do It


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