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Huge thanks to all the listeners and those that keep up with us each week. We know you have a lot of options out there for podcasts, and we appreciate the time you spend learning about talented people and getting crazy with us. Follow Us Here and you will never miss a thing..



This episode Monday night, we get to chat with two talented people We fire this up at 7pm east. each week, so we open the phone lines right out of the gate 407-379-9259  so yell at us early because at 7:30 we have a a former full time Entertainment writer


Rick De Yampert  Rick is also well known for playing the exotic instrument the Sitar amongst other musical instruments. We will catch up with Rick hear some stories and learn more about his passions and objectives working with music and freelance writing..

Then at 8pm we have an Orlando Jewel.. NO not the Orlando version of Jewel..but a remarkable musician name Shad Pearson


of The Actomatics. We will discuss the band and more endeavours here locally to support recent loses to our community.. Listen to some of #TheActomatics 



Of Course #BreakingNewsBadly and maybe a few surprise callers.. and or guests..

OK PaPa ??  Well Every Monday night at 7pm est.We go for it LIVE and thanks again for joining us.. we will be releasing a schedule of some live remotes for July 2016 so hope you can come out and join us for a LIVE broadcast this coming month.. OK that’s all I got for Now..cheers JB

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