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Hola America, Happy Fourth. I take to the keyboard with great Joy for I am being paid not to be at work today.. OH Glory ..Sweet Liberty….OK enough of that Hopefully you are rocking it out with your loved ones or your amalgamated family of friends..


or #Whatever. Tomorrow night  and each week we go LIVE with @TheJBRevShow 7 pm est Live streaming via this LINK.. as always.. If you are ever in question as to where the show is at any given week.. always use THIS LINK to hook up to the main streaming site then select LIVE episode ..OK Papa pretty simple..I hope.


This week we have two guests First at 7:30 pm est we will chat with Gary Holmes, most recently known for The Sanford Homebrew Shop and also some great history with his theatrical work, podcasting and other inciteful stories..Plus can he marry people now ??


Gary is an all around bad ass man behind the curtain stylings..of sorts.. I don’t think any of what I just wrote is proper english…but Onwards we go..



Then at 8pm we expect a call or in studio visit from the lead man of Rockett 88 it is Michael Bales.. we are ready for a rocking good time .Michael may be coming in studio or calling in.. we still don’t know.. but expect a surprise either way..


We will discuss an upcoming show at Will Pub .and the longevity of Rocket 88 and more stories on top of of a story that could be 88 stories high..Like a Luke Skyscraper..or..huh.


Ok I am doing it again.. So Join  #theReverend and myself lets do this ..


OH and your stupid calls  407-379-9529  and #BreakingNewsBadly plus music of course.. covering the Beats portion this week… another surprise..we have your weekly recipe for all that is viva la  Indie cocktail..

Now go forth onto your four day workweek and rejoice..!!

All episodes archived on demand or download….HERE

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