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OH Yes, getting my seventies soul slang vocab some exercise… We are about to give you the straight dope on Soul Fried Sunday ! 7/17/16 Amazing event to benefit #OrlandoUnited Edition for Pulse Recovery an incredible 30 acts on 5 stages at Will’s Pub and St. Matthew’s Tavern.


This week We are stoked to have #LocalLegend and Friend of the Show back in studio to download us with data..


the lovely and delightful Jessica Pawli will join Myself and The Reverend for the entire show.



Then we are planning a special call at 7:30 to honor a Local Legend properly and your only clue is it is the man with potentially the MOST SOUL in Orlando.


Ok, So .then if that goes as planned then surprise if not then surprise. ok enough cloak and dagger..


At 8pm est. We are excited to have another #LocalLegend and Friend of the Show give us a very long distance call the totally most Mackin Man himself Joseph Martens of SMDC will be calling from give us the Low Down on The Martens traveling musical tour across the country. We expect colorful reporting from hopefully Jess and Joseph both.


So in short nothing but a huge homegrown episode of Talented people doing Great big deal.

This event similar to others does and will continue to showcase how the response in Orlando was tempered by Love !


So of course WJBW throws support behind this worthy cause , as well…#OrlandoUnited a persistent beacon of Natural Light. 


That’s The Joint

OK well I think that covers everything so to keep with the spirit of seventies slang..

Oh wait..a couple more ..winkey eye..

Let’s Blow This Taco Stand.


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