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Ya Hoo ..well Boy Howdy..welcome back little vermits ..come fill your ear holes with this week’s episode.   It’s been likened to Audio Scrapple  so Let’s do it each and every Monday night 7pm Est  via @theJBRevShow we focus on conversing with talented people In and Around #Orlando and Abroad. #AllAboard

This week no exception.. We are happy to announce our Monday night line up
We will discuss some ongoings in the Milk Distric and also are pleased to welcome in studio one hell of a Chef.. As we press ever forward to be true to our Areas of Concentration  Food, Art and Music this week some #FOODTALK

It is Chef Ed of Chuck Wagon HomeCooking in Apopka, Chef Ed Hollingsworth has been getting some attention for his skills so naturally we wanted to jump on the chance to learn more we will chat about his background and passion for the culinary world.

chef ed

Chuck Wagon HomeCooking also offers some Couples Cooking Classes so hope to learn more about that. Find out about some best practices for Food prep, and whatever else may be cooked up during our conversation. (see what I did there ?)

chef ed2.jpg

( Side Note: ) The premise of Couples Cooking Class reminds me of an 80’s sitcom. Like : Where is Charles in Charge ? Because he has the Beef,Everyone is looking for.. Or  Where is the Beef, Ask Charles because he is in Charge.. you know??

Or whatever..Or something like that.

OK any Gen X·er’s in the crowd ??.

Crickets! #SarcasticCrickets


OK: We expect #BreakingNewsBadly to round out the show and of course your Calls





So let’s Rock like we do each week and refract some light on deserving talented people.


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