#SeasonX :WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Hey, welcome back..what a crazy two weeks to take off so much crap to talk about..Oh well..all those other donkeys are doing it, so we often go left of center and our return for Season 7 aka #SeasonX is a bad ass line up.


First I will say we work to make sure our radio talent gets some recognition, mainly because we understand that role and believe it has merit. SO. For our return of The JB Rev Show September 6th we have a call lined up at 8pm with the formidable Man in the morning in Tampa..We are honored to have a call with a guy that has been pumping change just west of orlando, but yet is reaching way beyond.


Mike Calta aka Cowhead.,. but don’t call him that.. Call him Mike Calta of the most listened to morning show in Tampa The Mike Calta Show


A morning show that evocates that ” anything can happen “ feel of the 90’s a treat each weekday on 102.5 The Bone starts at 6am to 10 am the morning drive times are rocking and rolling in Tampa!


Just before that call at 7:30 pm EST we have a talented filmmaker with Orlando roots but now located in LA. it is Zach Fritz


To discuss an independent Movie being screened across the country at tons of festivals it is WȳSCAN  we will learn more about the film ,the process and how to support..


As usual we will be working to shine lights on deserving talents and have some excellent interviews for September lined up, along with some potential live remotes

Our return September 6th 2016 comes with some exciting announcements.First The Jb Rev Show will return to It’s original slot on Tuesday nights 7pm.


Huge Thanks to The Reverend for not knowing how to read a focus group..ok.Papa..anyway ..So that means Monday nights no show at all..

Just kidding we just keep moving forward..so now introducing.a familiar and yet new sensation somehow. Breaking News Badly has become it’s own show. and Jillicious will be riding shotgun on that show..


So tons of content coming at you. Three weekly shows one Talk, one News One original Music.   all available live streaming on demand and or download via the Live feed source

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