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So as of this blog date it is the 15th anniversary of September 11th 2001. So take some time today to reflect how far we have come and how far we have to go! 9/11/16 jbw

#SeasonX  Fires up another fine edition of The Jb Rev Show, thanks for joining us last week.. some damn good stuff..Right?  Ok, then lets pop open another installment of original content, this and every week Tuesday nights 7pm est. Via.. Insert Live Streaming Site Here ..


We are happy to have an in studio steward of the environment it is Eric Rollings  Orange Soil & Water District Supervisor. Educating people of Orange County to work together to save our environment.We will talk about some movements to save and conserve the City Beautiful & talk about pending legislation out there that should be read twice or thrice or more than once is the point.. ok.


Then about halfway through the first hour we expect a call from Sarah Veautour about a two day festival , that is this upcoming quick, the whole message behind EarthDance is actually pretty cool it is an annual global synchronized dance party for peace.


So we will talk with Sarah Veautour  about this socially conscious annual event in Florida. and how you can get down this weekend for a great cause..Peace.


OK, we have probably one of the most dedicated hard working elected official scheduled for our things feel like they are really getting serious.. we are honored to welcome a local legend session with City Commissioner Patty Sheehan


Leading the charge for great causes and great changes here in Orlando.. so look around because probably part of what you love about the real Orlando, Patty has had some hand in making it happen.. From the restoration of the Lake Eola Fountain to Pedestrian Safety and an increase in equality for ALL regardless of sexual orientation..that’s pretty freaking huge.. well to our humble little show we think she definitely deserves our #LocalLegend Title.

So join us for another entertaining educational and also silly episode..


OK papa lets do it..

JB & Rev







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