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Hey Hey what IT DO ? So if you haven’t figured it out The Past week we Launched an ambitious and passionate schedule NOW you have 3 nights of LIVE internet broadcasting Original Content..so a quick recap.

Monday night’s Breaking News badly  (News, Events, Gossip, Music)

Tuesday nights  The JB Rev Show (Talk, Interviews, Music)

Thursday nights The Circadian Cast Original Music for ALL

Monday Night  #Jillicious and I will gossip about the news and you can too 407-379-9529 for your  stories and your opinions every monday night 7pm est.


Tuesday Night The Rev is going down south to see some cocks.. Oh wait I am being handed a message.. ok actually The Rev is going to see the Revolting Cocks Live so will be out this week..


But we expect a call from him just before 8pm for a new one time segment we call Cock Talk.. OK! Anyway…We have an episode of delights planned for. Our new found buddy Mook Mook  of Halo Milo will be hanging in studio.. plus a good buddy and colorful character in his own right..Robert English of The Hamiltons will be sitting shot gun,


he might also have his six string and sling us a song or two.. so this week, no different we focus on great people doing cool stuff. First at about 730 pm we expect to have a chat with Mike Babic of Daytona Escape room. What the hell is an escape room??


You might be saying to yourself..right now or when you read this..asking yourself silently ….Well..basically at It’s core it is a locked room and you have one hour to get out.. Use your smarts, wit and work with others in your group to find the way out.. (Crawlspace Not Included). This Escape room concept is growing quickly all across our nation and we will speak in detail with Mike about being involved in offering America an activity that begs, use your mind..think, challenge yourself.. and of course you know we Love that here at WJBW.

Then at 8pm we expect a west coast call from a funny and talented musician, comedian and super creative all around digital sensation…. Joy Brooker


We expect to learn about origins and insights into direction and sense of working as a pure voice of the internet so we are happy and honored to have  her spend some time with us and we always want more west coast talent to see and understand what we are doing here.. So Voila.. Here is a dope sample:



Thursday Night We play original music so if you are reading this blog and want to send us some music, send audio files or permission to download and safe download site details to  originalmusicsubmission@wjbwnetworks.com

In closing we are requesting your Artwork as a Logo for The Circadian Cast, and have not really received much response so, share with your talented artist friends that want to have their Art on our Show Logo each week.. use the same email address as music for any art submissions.. or just forget it because I am way too busy to keep asking, because I do freaking everything around here.. oh am I still typing.??. YES..lets shut that shit down right now..


We keep rocking and growing, so join us each week for your dose of untainted pure WJBW..

Remember don’t do flakka kids,

Lets Rock..JB



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