Shortest Blog Post Ever :WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Listen to our shows this week.

Monday night’s Breaking News badly  (News, Events, Gossip, Music)

#Jillicious and Myself talk about news gossip and the Presidential debate

Tuesday nights  The JB Rev Show (Talk, Interviews, Music)

This week #TheReverend and I  have calls from Constance Payne 7:30 Jim O’Rourke 8pm

Thursday nights The Circadian Cast Original Music for ALL

Send us music  email mp3’s to

Ok , my time is valuable too, for those people that have a hard time actualizing how much time and energy I spend each week offering to promote YOU is equivalent to half of a full time job so about 20 hours a week I dedicate ..all without asking for one red cent, from YOU or anyone…else for that matter..




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