Technical DiffiCULTies, Please Stand By ..Meanwhile #Dance!:WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey hey, hope you BE doing IT whatever the Hell IT is. Many have asked what is IT but no one actually ever answered this age old question. So whether you are putting others advancement in front of your own or You are putting your own advancement in front of others.. may you have Vim and Vigor in doing So.


I know sometimes you have to let Go of the reins and allow what will Be to Be..and sometimes you have to get control and never let GO…meanwhile driving the worst segway ever..So some technical issues persist and since I am already light years ahead of YOU.

WJBW Ocho Logo

I think taking a week off of doing the main work to do other work that allows the main work to continue is acceptable. Plus You need to listen to past content and get up to date..

Besides I would rather You miss us while we are still here opposed to having to miss us when we are completely obliterated from your consciousness.

Oh I think you call it Death on this planet.. yes that right.. so after Death you could potentially miss us forever.I guess it is all how YOU see things. Or don’t see things.

The following week, we are working toward, a 5 week return of #BreakingNewsBadly Live from Twist Hair Studio on Halloween night..(Look for Event)Plus another fine edition of The Jb Rev Show..and then washing it all down with MUSIC.



#OHSNAP .. MUSIC, we can still play Music..So therefore No shows this week except

The Circadian Cast.



Since there is Nothing left for me to do but Dance..I am ready and filled with new energy.. Vote NO on amendment One Floridians .(retract political beliefs)..back to train of thought..


Besides Dancing is so good and is very healthy for your mind.and your mind helps regulate your Dance your Ass off ..Soon..OR technically You could DO IT right any given moment. !!!

Anyway..Send us Music… and Thank you for doing that, you know who you are…..we also have been asking for ART for a logo for the Circadian Cast, but you have remained silent, so now our plans to extend to an audio visual edition for artists has have always been in control.. You know who you are…

How about that shit…..OK papa.Doing IT..and Doing IT…#VivaLaIndie…JB



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