One More week until We All Get our Lives Back!! :WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Hey, I know everyone is ready for November 9th 2016 in the worst way, I want it to be here so bad papa..ok more week and WE can make it out of this Hate Cyclone..One more week..  Until then you will have the proverbial and literal shit scared out of YOU.



10/30 Tonight listen to Sunday Night Vinyl it starts real quick like  LIVE 7pm check it out great music and a special interview for old time Orlando peeps you know..

10/31 Tomorrow is Halloween and we have a haunted edition of #BreakingNewsBadly on Monday night. 7pm ish Jillicious and JB rip into some bloody stories and share some memories and you can call us 407-379-9529



11/1  Tuesday night Dia De Los Muertos or All Saints Day or November 1st 2016.Or the day of The Jb Rev Show and we have done zero show prep,… 7 pm ish


So a true surprise a trick or treat if you will with a couple engines down on our imaginary Millennium Falcon ..will WE survive..the winter.??? Oh of course WE will!!



Then ..Thursday night it is some much needed music .. The circadian Cast always offers a potpourri of delightful sounds..8pm ish.. so live streaming or on demand..


So join us weekly for news,talks and music independent content not entirely contingent upon YOU, but loosely based on YOU perhaps..anyway..Let’s do it Viva La indie..


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