History Repeating. feat: (YOU): WJBW Blogging Follies


OH snap….Welcome back remedial high school Teacher.. Fodder ..blotter.. or something like that. Ok nobody gets that reference?. nor the one in the Title.. OK..ANYWAY.


Do we learn from our mistakes or just keep making them over and over and simply call them our newest project ? One thing is for sure ..To be able to analyze yourself and make corrections is a skill we should teach in School..like through ART or Music or critical thinking. So the week ahead will bring A Change to America, We Hope to elect the First Woman President. very exciting..or very upsetting.. I guess depending on who YOU are. Still Historic, nevertheless. (please note this is only my opinion )

This week, we have our Ducks in a row and are teaching them how to #LineDance ..


7pm Monday night #BreakingNewsBadly: When Every Story is made to be broken we just want you to know who we are… Oh also your calls are welcome ..407-379-9529


7pm Tuesday Night amidst the 2016 election coverage, if you can pull yourself away from the trainwreck..

jb and the rev

The Reverend back in studio this week..well at least as notice of this blog post..anything can happen i mean right he could get attacked Election day ..by a Forty of malt liquor or something right. ..But..Digressing am I. We are happy to chat with an Orlandoan who is documenting cool people all across the land..

We welcome Peter of Scotch and Good conversation for a good conversation and since he is calling in at 7:30 and some other surprises you know how we DO.


Everyone is responsible to bring their own Scotch..I am guessing.. Peter has been busy with Tons of episodes to consume so Check it out Here.



And of course closing out the week with …….MUSIC

Thursday or Sunday: The Circadian Cast is Static free


Original music you send it we play it  originalmusicsubmission@wjbwnetworks.com send MP# or audio file or paragraph of submission and allowing us to air your sounds and it will happen.

Stay Hungry like the Wolf my friends and All that jazz..Love and Respect each other..WE are all WE got..homies and homettes…

Looks directly into the Camera..#BernieMac style.. #RockSteady America..!!




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