Bumping Uglies on the Next:WJBW Blogging Follies

Yo Yo..what’s up babies and gentlemen.. we have a unification of shows this week to help venerate those that have been there for US.

WJBW Ocho Logo

This week we are celebrating Twist hair studio’s 13th year in business 

S0 Breaking News Badly and The Jb Rev show and The Circadian Cast

will be Live on Tuesday night 7pm ish from within the hallowed halls of Twist..

With a Supermoon and plenty of Party people we have no real expectations Set but to rock out with our friends and LIVE stream from within the belly of the beast..


Well maybe not all that dramatic but come join us for an event to celebrate 13 years of TWIST.

Here is the address we kick it off at 7pm so come celebrate..or Listen LIVE

Twist Hair Studio
3708 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, FL 32804
P: (407) 293-3950

Viva La Indie..JB


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