A Feast of Friends: WJBW Blogging Follies

My good gosh golly I swear by the beard of a Millennial we have just been hustling like a
Disco drag queen in an all day and night dance contest “dance till you drop style”.To create original content that venerates the talented people in and around Orlando. So This week is no exception.
We take a week off of Breaking news badly so catch up on past episodes here.

Tuesday night we go LIVE from the Reverend’s with a special episode that will be an Adventure of special guests and a reunion holiday esk themed LIVE episode from The Rev’s


Including an early visit from the One and Only Orlando resident Bad Santa and the Angry Elves, we will be loaded for Bear. Bad Santa will give us Holiday wisdom as usual..and also talk about his appearance here in Central Florida upcoming..



Tune in Tuesday night 7pm for all the holiday LOVE plus at 8pm we open up a call with the owner of Kick Bright.


Jeff and Kristen Join us to chat about their Cool Retro themed shop in Artegon Marketplace go to their site and check out their shop if you love vintage and one of a kind apparel .. or even if you do not because it might be that you discover something to inspire YOU or a loved one.. tis the season or you know….plus they create bad ass buttons of local bands bars and brands..see examples ..


Also Kick Bright has it’s own culture  of sorts, so we will chat about the origins of the concept and in turn the shop and original local brand.


Then later in the week.. MUSIC:

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we offer original musical cornucopia that we will offer up over the weekend, maybe Saturday Friday or Sunday who knows but you send the music we play it Originalmusicsubmission@Wjbwnetworks.com

Whew..tons of past episodes can be found at the source site. I think the important thing we do is chronicle the talents of Orlando and abroad offered via a conversational style radio interview.. so you can virtually meet tons of cool people all from the comfort of Your smart phone.
Ok papa, hit us up for any requests. Suggestions view his website contact form.
Love and respect each other..as always looking forward…JB

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