No Pictures, Only Words! :WJBW Blogging Follies


Keep doing “IT”, whatever the Hell “IT” is…. Keep pushing..sometimes when you think that is the very last try and you’re going to give UP…well I am here to say.. give IT that one more push …that’s it just a little more..than a little more and …VIOLA. You have something, whence there was Nothing!!  Yup WJBW has no need for validation as we are not doing IT to get attention, IT is just for the pure love and fascination of your creations..your art,music,food,podcast,book,movie and or your cause that’s worth fighting for or backing monetarily…or talking spread awareness.

That’s right because YOU are pretty freaking awesome, and if people do not understand IT  it does not mean IT is not TRUE!!

Ok, so they’re a little #Attaboy..YOU CAN Do IT.. ..YOU ROCK!! We need much more of this kind of encouragement in our World,plus not to forget that we need to stick together and not let arbitrary arguments on social media distract us from the most important thing..which is that together as Americans we are very strong..yet no so much the other way…So as WE press forth continuing to forge this refuge for the talented,weary and worthy..This week on WJBW  we are Back in studio after a couple of weeks of back to back remotes…Serving UP a hearty helping of Original content for YA.

Monday nights #BreakingNewsBadly Takes another week off because news makes us just plain sick, apparently..

Tuesday night via The Jb Rev Show 7pm as always  we will focus on the enrichment of your knowledge of other people..OK, not like that..The Rev and I kick it old know..or maybe not??  a call from a bad ass artist currently painting a Mural in Miami for the Art Basil event this week, happy to connect with Fluke Art of Montreal Quebec.Then ….at 8pm we have a call from Jonathan Silva from  one of the Northern states,.. Jonathan has some Orlando ties and It will be good to get up to date with this talented string slinger..

Oh ya Music, The Circadian Cast will be taking a week off..or already did and then will air this week.??? or lets just let this be a mystery. because I am tried and not able to keep track of this right now..Maybe We do this show Monday night??

OK Papa That’s all I Got..Love and Respect each other..cheers JB

P.S. (Please note No Pictures were used in this blog post so as to ensure not to be misleading or confusing so you realize it is a blog post and not #FakeNews )






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