Curiosity and Loving in The City Beautiful :WJBW Blogging Follies

Here is the Church, here is the Steeple, look inside…Hey.. where are all the people ?

Oh they are All outside having Church..  because it is So incredibly beautiful out there..


Yes a City can be Beautiful to the eye and other senses such as the aroma of fresh baked goods or the the colorful trees and vast ranging wild tropical fauna or perhaps it is the striking architectural skyline attainable from almost any Vista. Or do we subscribe to the feeling of Beauty being a sensation that is generated from within and extends outward? Either way without the People it can never be as truly beautiful as the word itself pails to exemplify. So Those Orlando forefathers back in 1908 who wisely chose to give “The City Beautiful” slogan to our beloved city, may have contemplated the same notions.

One overriding TRUTH remains.

People are Important:  At WJBW this is our weekly Mantra, I know we scream weekly about how Important people are. Yet this week, we are going to focus on an important character in our community and how this loss can be turned into something beautiful.

I am writing about the One and Only Morgan Steele, I personally asked him several times to be on the show and for the sake of being earnest, I won’t go into the colorful diversions this Humble yet supremely confident Art Star and Personality would invariably answer me, not with a concise yes or no, you see ..but rather with another question that would lead down a rabbithole of new thought..and somehow if you know Morgan you know exactly what I mean.He was always Frightfully Brilliant.


With our awesome culture in Orlando  we at WJBW would like to think that in part our conversations  with Jef Shelby** this coming Tuesday night will help keep the conversation moving towards the notion of creating some kind of an annual art event in memory of Morgan Steele. Definitely not Sponsored by Disney, I should clearly say.

So join us this week as we keep making sure that we sparking conversations about the value of people and not so much about the vitriolic righteousness of anyone political party..Rather we want this week to be all about focusing on Orlando and how we can work to ensure the commercial world does not come in and water down the incredible culture and sense of caring and LOVE here in Orlando..

So Tuesday Night 7pm via The JB Rev Show here is our Line Up..

We are honored to have the Uber talented and friend of the Show Shannon Holt , just good Shannon Holt Art  and look at all the splendor.


Shannon will calling in about 7:15 to chat about her current Art Escapades, check her work Here. Plus as a surprise we may have a last minute in studio visit from the Lovely and Beautiful Ms. Holt to join us for our ART driven edition.

So at 7:30 pm est we expect a call from Jef Shelby** ( pictured Far left) Environmental Activist and Art enthusiasts we will have a healthy LIVE uncensored conversation about the Life and Times and Art of Morgan Steele.


Then at 8pm est we will hear from another one of Orlando’s beloved sons, friend of the show and our official west coast correspondent Erik Lievano or aka Late night Lievano  or in this case Early Evening Lievano..(pictured behind Drum Kit) being in many Orlando bedrock Bands.. and living in California Now.. So it is always chock full of Orlando Music History when we get to connect with our West coast brother. Dig It.


So this week we may also have Music and News as well but this is our big feature:


The Jb Rev Show Tribute To Morgan Steele with Open Phone lines (407-379-9529)


Editor’s note, The opposite of Fear is Curiosity and the opposite of Loathing is Loving. 

Stay Curious my friends.


**. ( Last night this call with Jef Shelby was confirmed, via FB message..I have copied the FB message and emailed to myself to make sure i am not losing my mind..because as of Today 12/04/16 It seems Jef may have deleted his Facebook account?, I can’t see his profile, so although this was confirmed last night it may be the scenario where the call never occurs and this post was simply for our continued documentation of Orlando Greats. So let’s find out together if we get the call Tuesday night.)




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