A Blue Meridian Christmas Special :WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Hey..what is up home skillets ?? Thanks for listening to WJBW and also  reading the blog..and since you DO and most of YOU are in Orlando. We are informing you of a special night to come this Sunday: Here is the FB event and you can snag tickets from there:


SO welcome back to the weekly blog of what the hell is happening at our independent venture to entertain, inform..and praise people for the talents they have and or the things they do to help make the community stronger..Art, Music, Food and More..we always want to be able to be the Free and Open Voice for the world..but i am not going to be learning Mandarin (jk) ..OK the world is a little ambitious perhaps but nevertheless WJBW  has and continues to reach all across the Globe, so again we Thank you for that !! Keep consuming and sharing!

This week  Tuesday night  7:30 pm EST on The Jb Rev Show we have a call from Donovan Lyman of Blue Meridian.


Huge Thanks to Manny Rivera of Halo Milo and previously Blue Meridian who helped set up the call.I think will join on the line for  a reunion of sorts.


Blue Meridian is working band out of Los Angeles but founded here in Orlando. So it will be a healthy chat about origins music direction and ways technology makes it possible to get your voice heard!! watch this video for a sample (from the past)

You have to be creative that is for sure..so this session will learn more about Orlando born band Blue Meridian and of course play a few tracks post interview.

8pm est we expect a call from the Man Behind the Curtain of Modern Music Movement.. it is our pal Nick Sellitto. We love what Nick does to help showcase talented musicians in and around Orlando..and are happy to get a check in..with HIm.. MMM logo



Sitting in For the Rev this week is a buddy of mine with a radio background Smitty..here is a picture of the back of his head solely because he did not want me to use it.So a fun show On tap.Tuesday night 7pm est



Ok later in the week original MUSIC on The Circadian Cast send us sounds working on a End of Year Special for that program and just out of spite I am not going to write the email address you send music to because I have it plastered everywhere possible..SO there..Take That!!



Ok Papa..lets keep rocking join us for a holiday special when most other shows are airing best of material we will be LIVE this Tuesday and Thursday nights…CYA..JB



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