Always Fish Facing the Sun:WJBW Blogging Follies

Sometimes when something happens or someone is taken away from you whether by death or by distance..It can be mind bending and life changing..tragedy, loss, suffering all of these are seemingly the worst elements of life as we know it..

However, we are always in control of our thoughts and language and where to cast your view..OH snap is true yet we often forget that we are in control of virtually everything, Or at least in how we respond to things that just seem to pop up in our lives..

So in this spirit. think of some of the things we could not control..that we controlled in a positive way..the reaction..Like the worst mass shooting in US History perhaps..

Take something horrible and make it a source of a Good cause and So on..We do it all the time… it is almost a knee jerk reaction of caring and intelligent people everywhere.

Because no one want to take something horrible and make it they ??

Suffering and Loss can teach one how to be Strong. Being grateful for virtually everything and every moment..helps a Ton also. SO Keep your feet planted firm and your eyes fixed on the target.. Sometimes we get wise advice yet do not heed it and then wonder why we cannot be successful… Think about how YOU may have been able to take something Bad and turn it into something Wonderful.. We would love to hear those stories..Oh the point of the Title of this blog.(Always Fish Facing the Sun) because you cast a shadow.. if your back is to the Sun and it will scare the fish away Ya big This week we preserve our gratitude so it will last all year..

Tuesday night it is a prerecorded edition of The Jb Rev Show from inside of lil Indies during the first part of the 13th Annual John Lennon Tribute at the Will’s Pub compound.. We were able to do our final show of 2016 with a chat with Waly Stahll and Dan of Vita Luna cafe plus a chat with good buddy Shannon Holt,,then we sample some Fat Face Cakes and close out the session a bit early to go enjoy the festivities..


Then Friday night or Saturday night we close out this crazy year with MUSIC.


Then in 2017 a New year dawns upon us all…the righteous and wicked make the most of IT you slags.. Cheers JB




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