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Happy New Year, Welcome 2017..about….TIME ..Finally Glad you noticed… So I guess Now you Can Google the term Year of Cock and only safe results should come up..Right ?? So Google That Right NOW…..or on second not do that search under the image search.. we guarantee nothing.. in that case..ok, maybe just nevermind all together..


Isn’t IT Amazing how the change of a Time Clock at the cusp of a NEW Year can also enable a  wonderful Change in People’s disposition. I was able to take a clear minded drive this morning to the liquor store and I just have to be grateful for people’s generally good nature that I experienced mostly everywhere, after the 2016 Election ,it was very refreshing..  And you know Orlando is good like that Right?..all out lying areas but mostly in the more historical areas people are generally caring and want the best for others..or at least it helps me personally to believe keep you options to yourself..or in the comment section..



This week on The JB Rev Show..we are  stoked to have a FOOD expert and famed Orlando luminary who could eat your restaurant’s food then eloquently write about it, for Orlando to then consume via Reading then potentially consume by actually Eating…..see what I did there..OK Papa.. we have a special session with the Food Feedback Patriarch  himself  Scott Joseph graces our show with a call on tuesday night 8pm cozy up with your favorite caramel salted snack , and dig into our chat with Scott Joseph..


Scott Joseph has been forging forward before Orlando was known or even recognized as A Foodie Haven.. Being able to provide realistic insights to wide range of dining experiences from the elegant to the affordable high quality options we so are blessed to have an abundance of here in Orlando..and for the longest time no one really knew what he looked like so he could dine in anonymity it were.. Now he is Independent and owns his own voice use his Flog as a Bible or Compass for all your upcoming eating adventures..The site is a great resource for restaurant owners and patrons alike plus the actual culinary professional and those just generally interested in Great Food..



So as usual We open the phones the first hour so if you have something from 7 to about 7:45pm ish  you want to Squawk or Crow about you are always welcome to call 407-379-9529.

jb and the rev

After our chat with Scott Joseph we will have some #BreakingNewsBadly to offer up.

Then of course later in the week we have The Circadian Cast and Original Music .as usual.or as i just started saying usual…strange and unusual…Hey ..that could be our New Tagline..OK papa.. I am going to bask in the glory of people being nice to each other on the very first day of the new year..


And As always Love and Respect each other and always keep Looking Forward..Cheers..JB & The Rev..( Take a guess who is who in the cartoon below…. I say I say..OK Papa)




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