Any takers on how deep the rabbit hole goes on the title of this blog ? Regardless of your understanding of the past we need to remain focused on the present and the patterns of our society as it seems we mindlessly keep choosing to do the same things over and over again..So do some reading and remembering ..to be especially sure that you know when we are going off tracks and or backwards even….In case you don’t understand what frequency is..or what Frequency we are ON … 2 LIVE shows weekly WJBW can be heard anytime on demand or weekly LIVE via..The JB Rev Show  7pm est. Tuesday Nights and The Circadian Cast. Thursday Nights or Saturday..


After our LIVE shows they automatically distribute out to 8 different distribution sites,,so setting up this  self syndication was something people may try to do down the line, so I am open for sharing knowledge..Also, recently I saw an article about Orlando podcasts and was almost offended not to be included, then I realized,,,WJBW is pretty formidable on It’s OWN..and it is apparently considered the competition. They don’t want you to hear the interview with Scott Joseph because then you won’t go to their website or look at their pictures of food and hit one of the many Ads on their site ….or you might not participate in their “YOU be the critic ” campaign.or one of their many campaigns…So to me it all makes sense because we are the Voice that cannot be controlled.. We have a clean line of sight..which is invaluable..so Stay frosty keep you head on a swivel..ok now I am a high school football coach..Whatever…

Anyway this week, a great session via The JB Rev Show with Will Castro in studio. for the first hour..Will does late night radio on WPRK and also is resident at Kush, The Maestro behind  Mars Radio  and he is constantly looking for music and scouring record stores and the internet for sounds he can bring to Orlando..plus has some deep turntable skills…

WillC Mars.jpg

The Rev and I really  like this guy because he keeps pushing forward and that is just like our brand..always looking forward.


Then at 8pm EST ISH.. we look forward to a conversation with Mark Hunt of #EarTheater to chat about an Event at the beloved speak easy Sandwich Bar ..


And of course… Some #BreakingNewsBadly to close out the show and Music. Don’t Forget.


Later in the week we might skip The Circadian Cast because the following week , The JB Rev Show has 200 episodes all up in your smart phone.. so hang tight.. you know all episodes on demand..or join us streaming LIVE here is the HUB for both shows..Cheers


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