Up Next #ULTRALOUNGE Edition:WJBW Blogging Follies

Hell Ya Babies and Gents. Last week was incredible and our 200th episode was overflowing with LOVE and you can listen HERE .


This week we have Music Via The Circadian Cast plus a very special in studio session via The JB Rev Show. First lets talk about the concept of the term Ultra Lounge:

An ultra lounge is a style of nightclub lounge, that came to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Ultra lounges tend to be small to mid-sized venues, smaller than nightclubs, featuring cocktails and an upscale atmosphere.

This week on The JB Rev Show, we are ecstatic to announce we will have a session in studio with The Man behind Kathmandu and Kush Ultra Lounge Gary Schwartz .


Gary has done some amazing work as an entrepreneur in this City

plus  has contributed to arts,music and culture here in Orlando

You know we at WJBW focus on individuals that are not out for kudos or to rest on their laurels..they just have a  passion and that just shines through and through..

Gary is always literally scouring the globe to bring treasures back to winter park florida for your consumption via Kathmandu.. check it HERE.

Also if that was not enough GARY  Brings The UltraLounge concept to orlando in fine splendor.Via Kush Ultralounge information is here.. If you never have taken a moment to visit this posh little joint put it on your list of places to snag some drinks and hear delightful sounds..and enjoy a Hookah …perhaps..

OK, I have to get this studio converted into an ultra lounge for Tuesday night, Oh someone asked me to list out ALL the distribution sites we push the shows out to so once again here it is ..without the direct hyperlink..as always.. Cheeky ..or  Always Cheeky..OK whatever….cheers JB and The Rev.

1.Spreaker  (The Main Hub)

2. PLayer.fm

3. Google Play

4. iTunes

5. Mixcloud

6. Stitcher

7. Podcat

8. Tune In

9. OttoRadio

10. Youtube




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