Say Cheese!! :WJBW Blogging Follies

Yes.. Yes, we just keep it poppin..weekly ..we offer two live programs. The Jb Rev Show and The Circadian Cast.


The JB Rev Show we Talk about Art, Music, Food and play your Original music as our commercials. This week in studio we are honored to have Tonda Corrente


Tonda is very well known in this area for having a self taught and natural inclination to sustain a discerning palate regarding cheese, wine and food in general. Plus having a concentrated focus on how to be eco conscious and sustainable makes her a very passionate and knowledgeable  and ..well…A  Woman of Cheese as it were. Tonda is always busy and we hope to get some insightful stories and learn more  about some Orlando Food insights  via The East End Market and more.. Here is a cheese snippet from her site.



Later in the week and if you are reading this on Sunday then later today via this Link .Some sounds of music


No not like that Sound of Music..

The Circadian Cast plays original music offers a weekly compilation  of found sounds and some you actually send. Now that we have explained this for the 100th time.. we may as well remind you, to send us music attach an MP3 or a few.. and or send us to a safe download site to obtain your sounds.

Look for a live remote from Tony Romans The sunday that bowls are super..

#OkPapa.. that’s all I got.

Cheers, JB


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