This Week Sunday Is Tuesday: WJBW Blogging Follies

Yup, last year was so much FUN under The Circadian Cast The Reverend and I did a LIVE remote from a backyard super football happy funtime bowl party with Live Music called LIVE From Tony Romans. So click that link. to hear it..

Now this year we are honored to be asked back and are actually doing it again , But this time under The JB Rev Show.

This Sunday Afternoon about 430 TO 630 we will be streaming live  and chatting with some of the badass musicians playing such as Milka, Eugene Snowden and the Guys from Shak Nasti !!


Also of course unpredictable random encounters and of course..Original Music blazing all throughout.


Then Later in the week, some random night or weekend afternoon we will offer up more music as we do via #TheCircadianCast.


So there ya go pretty simple just changing everything all can do it I have faith in you..OK papa that’s all for now..!!


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