Old School JB WeBB Style Edition This Week: WJBW Blogging Follies

YO YO.. what’s up.. OR perhaps you already know..Whats Up .. and we just ask each other What’s up not as a question but more of a statement..so YO.. What’s Up !


Well..either way when push comes to shove you might just be in a mosh pit or slam dancing as the kids used to say.. I am on a trend of asking people if they have ever been in a mosh pit ,and if they say NO what is that ? I know I probably have very little in common with them, or at the least they did not have a similar up bringing as I did.


I sometimes forget I used to always do the show by myself every week  from 2010 up to 2015 so this week it is Old school style.. back to basics and since the Rev will be out making art with his loved one at this event via The Art army.. Reserve space if you do not have plans yet.. follow the FB link and connect via the email listed.. it is a memorable art making experience.Maybe we will get a call from The Rev..from this event the 7 0clock hour


If you follow our show you know we have tons of friend in the body painting world and have interviewed a number of talented people who are making an impact in our world of visual arts. This week we have a session with a Andy Golub from NYC , he is quite successful at collaborating to create stunning visual art installations on the streets of New York  that challenge nudity Laws and push ART forward.. we are honored to have a chance to chat with him about his art and some recent works plus upcoming plans for sharing his striking visuals with the nation…Check out his site here and watch this video


Also an NYC talent we have the chance to chat  with Nick Vivid from New York. Nick has an impressive DJ background plus has some dang funky lyrics and vocal chops. I found his music and am honored to have him as one of our guests to discuss origins and other objectives he has with music.. in this ever changing world Nick is a breath of fresh air.. so join us Tuesday night..  we fire up just after seven and this call is set for 8pm ..so dig it



And Of course later in the week …Music.. via The Circadian Cast..most of the episodes are available on Spreaker. but we are doing some remodeling and reinventing so make sure you download and save your episodes to your CPU as the best way to follow us is here via Spreaker and or one of the other nine sites we distribute out to.

Being an independent internet broadcaster is not easy and filled with misconceptions so make sure you understand we are here to serve because we have some relative strength and we believe strength is for service.. not the other way around  ..

So every week we bring you LIVE original Content.. Let Keep Rocking It homies..

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