You have to Believe IT to See IT :WJBW Blogging Follies.

Our Minds as Human beings are very powerful. Yet we seem to just mindlessly go along with this line of thought or that line of thought when ironically we are all very capable of crafting solutions to any given problem out there in the world Today..

And that’s exactly it some times you believe in something you cannot see and then due to hard work and clarity of vision, also a symphony of other connected efforts….we can work to bring it into fruition.. and make what was a hallucination a reality..then once we have breathed life in to something we need to remember to constantly be tending and pruning in order to make sure we are growing. Yet in our society today we seem to fill our egos before we fill our minds..and round and round we go.. anyway …enough philosophical ramblings ..Let’s Talk about some Food and Music.. ON WJBW this week..



Via The JB Rev Show we have a call about 730 pm from John of Bad As’s Sandwich shop in very heart of the #MilkDistrict..


A true unique take on the Art of Sandwich making …with incredible fresh ingredients and unique flavor profiles.some pretty great signature style sandwiches…plus with one  heck of an origin story WE expect this joint will be hopping as the kids used to say….Dig the menu..


Not to overshadow our Bad Ass.. guest in studio we have an orlando Gem of music history it is Matt Lapham currently slapping and tickling the bass with Shak Nasti but we hope to gain more in the form of stories and other unplanned conversations..perhaps..


Of course we also have telephones 407-379-9529 and Text lines open..407-906-9328 and will be playing original music all throughout.


plus late in the week..we offer up music via The Circadian Cast for


The Sonic Advancement of our Gen Xer’s lets get out there and show them how to do this shit..

Cheers JB


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