Spring Forward Or Whatever :WJBW Blogging Follies

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward next week.  It is funny how we try so hard to control something that is spontaneous..Right ? Like the seasons..for example, you do nothing yet they keep coming and In Orlando Spring is in the Air..As we relish the last of the cool breezes and prepare for the heat of the subtropical Florida Summer.

Which makes me think that maybe paying people to talk about the weather on TV is a just a big waste of money ?..Or maybe I am simply wishing I had a cake walking job like that..forecasting the weather. Wrong or Right.. I get PAID.. I would be all like ..”Ya it will rain but it might not or whatever.”.” maybe if you have a mobile app to tell you all about the weather just follow that…OK


In the near future I can see artificial intelligence doing a more accurate job of pretending to know what the weather is doing ..Anyway.

This week we have another The JB Rev Show of original content to stuff up or down or in your smartphone.


Every week we kick off around 7pm Tuesday evening via this main link, all past episodes are also housed at that site and available for on demand or download anytime..in case you are new to this whole thing.  We always make sure we focus on people working hard to make things happen in our community and this week we have a chat with the hard working and talented  Carla Stanton calls us about 730 pm.est.


Carla works as a Realtor and a Theatre Producer and has deep ties in Orlando’s independent theatrical productions. We look forward to getting her story and some insight into upcoming productions here in Town.

Then at 8pm we have a call set up with the incredible Patrick Greene. A man of many talents and much like our first guest persistently works in the background to help foster and create spaces for artists and other talented people in and around orlando to flourish and grow. Patrick is an incredible force of Nature here in Orlando and we are honored to bestow our Humble title of Local legend upon him. Patrick works with many of Artists here as a curator of Art in Odd Places Orlando and being the Gallery director curator for The Gallery at Avalon Island plus having ties in Radio and being an Artist himself, we hope to have tons to chat about and to learn about how we can all get involved with ART.


We may have some surprises cued up and  other last minute confirmations for the rest of the episode as well. As always we take your calls 407-379-9529 and close things out with #BreakingNewsBadly …

Of course on the weekly, we play original music via The Circadian Cast.

Send us music and we will air it.. Pretty Simple..Right?

WJBW Ocho Logo


Send some mp3’s or audio files ,  of your original music and we play it.

Make sure to share and make aware that we are an independent network of original content broadcasts twice weekly out of Orlando.. OK Papa.. that’s all we got for Now..




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