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Flashback week on WJBW, welcome back as we charge ever forward sometimes it is good to remember the lessons of the past.. or else we might repeat mistakes.. talking to you America.. Anyway.. who remembers this little deal below, the AIM or AOL instant Messenger was pretty cool for it’s day ..Ahh but now we have everything on our forget that Papa..


Every week via The Jb Rev Show we bring you creative orginal people and share sessions we get to have with people from all across the country. March will be a busy Month, we are already stacked up for every week. For example Tuesday night We go to California and Tampa.


This week, we are delighted to have the reflection or clone of a TV Legend Dr. Paul Bearer. The Dr. Paul Bearer Passed away in 1995 but was a central florida legend.

The Reverend brought him up a few episodes ago so we thought let’s reach out to see what we can find. We found that we were able to set up a session with Dr Paul Bearer 2 The clone or equally creative and sinister sounding all around great lead in for late night horror flicks,


Dr. Paul Bearer 2 gives that something extra that personalizes the whole experience and for the bulk of our audience, being Gen X you remember Late night movies on cable  but first some hijinks would be occurring with the host of the movie..well this whole thing evokes that whole thing.. anyway 7:30pm we have a call from Dr. Paul Bearer 2 and are excited for this gruesome session.



Speaking of Gen X makes me think of all the great Music from the 1990’s at 8pm we are honored to have a call with Kellie Scott who is originally from Orlando, Lives in California Now and is a drummer with passion and true talent..


OH and by the way  He has played with A Perfect Circle, Veruca Salt, and Failure.  Failure has dedicated fans that are causing a resurgence of interest in their music.. Refresh yourself a bit with this classic.

PLus In Failure the lead singer Ken Andrews who is a world renowned producer  besides singing really well. Kellie will have stories we are sure from his rich career thus far. So We expect a special Out of State Local Legend session with Kellie and to hear more about origins and future endeavours.and some stories all along the Way.


So later in the week  as we do every week, Original music via The Circadian Cast. it seems like people are understanding we wont stop and are constantly moving forward so count on us to fill your device with original content..OK Papa..That’s what we got this week..see ya on the Internet Radio








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