If at First you don’t Succeed:WJBW Blogging Follies


That’s Right we All know that old saying “if at first you don’t succeed try …try again”.. well we work weekly to offer original content and are constantly working to make the offerings more and more appealing..So Yes we at WJBW totally subscribe to the concept of never giving up.. That’s why this week we have some effective and uplifting guests to boost this notion into fruition..



Every Tuesday night The JB Rev Show blares original content into your headphones..this week we have an inspiring line up.


Tamerlane Bey is in studio this week and so we will chat about his ART and early music life plus maybe more surprises in store..


Here is sample of some of his Work inside Twist Hair Studio


Tamerlane will  join us for the balance of the show after we have a session with him from about 730 to 8pm,, Here is a snippet of the images rendered when I google his name



Then stoked about reconnecting with an inspiring and talented guy.at 8pm we have a call scheduled with Carlos Navarro ,,


The Jb WeBB Show first interviewed Carlos in 2011 EP 35 to be exact and we learned of his objectives then …which have now flowered into being. He is not only been in movies and TV since ,,,,he has also returned to Radio as a main stay on the Monsters in The Morning plus his acting work has exponentially increased currently Carlos is a character on The Walking Dead..wait not a zombie right…OK …I am being handed a note it says.. Not a zombie..Whew that was close..but all joking aside it is rad to see in such a short amount of time someone be so dedicated to attaining their goals..and reaching them..plus offering endless optimism..on the daily.. We cant wait for this session this coming week, Tune in LIVE this Tuesday night 3/21/17 8pm est .



Ok.. so much will be discussed as we are happy to honor him with our title of Local legend 20 years pushing forward or in this case upward.. To The TOP Never Stop !!


And of course Original Music later in the week via The Circadian Cast.


Thanks for bopping along with us.. I got this blog out a bit late this week due to all the Birthday Debauchery I worked so hard to avoid…OK Papa..you know how we do..Cheers..JB



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