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Yo. welcome back..this week I wont have many words for you here because things are poppin for the Month of April. The Rev is out this week, 4/4/17 then the next week we celebrate his 100th Episode with some special in studio guests 4/11/17 lets keep moving forward..


This coming Tuesday night Via The Jb Rev Show 7 pm est..Happy to have Dirt McCoy in studio sitting in for the Rev whilst he is watching his second Flaming Lips show within two days..amazing….I like to imagine it might be something like this Art from Morgan Steele


Anyway. Dirt is working to coordinate and foster the First Annual Tribute to Morgan Steele at Wills Pub 4/22/17 8pm.


He hangs in studio riding shotgun and so we will be chatting a bit about the event and also asking our guest of their remembrances of Morgan.

So lets Get Busy..

7:30pm we will chat with a great friend of the show cook off style at Will’s pub April 22 2017


Wendy Davis of Poca’s Hottest will chat a bit about the epic annual event that features hot sauces and the chef choice of other ingredients and Voila you have an awesome event..event and OH Ya The Music..Concert featuring G-Love, of G-Love And The Special Sauce, and more Orlando area bands who have their own Poca’s Hottest sauce at a family friendly event with a free taco bar, kids dance club, adult and kid Easter egg hunts, food drive for Fern creek Elementary School and all the sauce you can handle!


8pm We expect a call from the legendary Eugene Snowden to talk Music Morgan and More..Eugene is and has been a driving force in Orlando creative scene for years and shows no signs of letting UP, always an honor to have Eugene give us some time..



8:30pm with Sabrina from the The News Junkie may pop by our little studio OR Call in It is a surprise..


So NOW You KNOW this show is not only packed with Talent but overflowing with people that want to make a difference and remember other talented but lost loved ones…So we expect a raucous good time. All Throughout we will be asking our guests We are talking about The First Annual Tribute to Morgan Steele


Oh also That great art on the blog post header is from Alex Boya who is a film director at the National Film Board of Canada and founder of the “Funl”.

So dig DO IT  support Art..or creative places that endorse art anywhere you can..

Later in the week we offer up original sounds via The Circadian Cast anyway You know how we do..#OKPAPA

Cheers JB



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