100 Episodes Later: WJBW Blogging Follies


Hey Hey welcome back.. this week is all about celebrating partnerships and acknowledging that we can do MORE if we all work together and the Story of The Reverend joining the show really speaks volumes towards this notion….


Now with 100 episodes under his belt..The Reverend is poised to truly  fulfill his Local legend Status.. all nice and documented out there for YOU so go dig through our archives and enjoy..


Hell Ya …worthy of Celebrating The Reverend hits 100 episodes..that takes some dedication..now if I could only get him to write these blog posts..however we are quite delighted with the commitment of The Reverend and he has brought tons of great interviews on board since his time.


Way too many to list out here but believe me with Groovie mann from Thrill kill kult to DJ Keoki and on and on they go..on and on..


This coming Tuesday night we celebrate episode 100 for the reverend so join us LIVE ..We expect the highly talented Milka In studio to chat with us and do more of a formal interview.


Then she transforms into our co hostess and we rock forth into an in studio  session with Brett J Barr a Well known Tattoo Artist and Artist in general, Brett has a great way with using pencil or sketching as a way to evoke some incredibly life like looking ART work,..plus people seek him out for his Tattoo art because of the level of his passion, skill ..and attention to detail..



Check out some of the works of Brett J Barr

So as always expect a good time and original music plus we open phone lines for any Reverend stories or Comments. Stay Busy My Friends keep counting ON US for two LIVE shows… weekly.. TALK and MUSIC …and DIG IT DO IT……Let’s ROCK




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